A few years back I got my first slow cooker and to say it was a transformative experience might be an understatement. I’ve cooked such a wide variety of different foods using it and the best part is that it’s always really really easy.  My go-to slow cooked food is pulled pork and while I […]

It must just be about summer because we’ve got back-to-back grill recipes. I promise to mix things up with the next post, but I couldn’t resist sharing this recipe for deliciously grilled lemon and mint lamb chops. They’re herbacious, flavorful and oooo so delicious! I got this recipe from Best of the Best Cookbook Recipes […]

Nothing says the start of summer like the first grilled burgers of the year – but nobody ever said they had to be beef. In fact the burgers I crave most often are these delicious, Asian inspired, cilantro and lime salmon burgers, topped with a zesty greek yogurt sauce. They’re light, refreshing and nearly impossible to mess up – […]

Trying to launch this blog the week Hillary and I were moving to Brooklyn was probably a mistake, however now that we’re settled it’s time to get the first post up, so without further ado… I love soups – LOVE ‘EM! There’s nothing like a cold soup on a hot summer day, or in the case of […]

I love food. I love cooking it, I love eating it — hell I even love watching it (hello Food Network addiction). I’ve been taking photos (sporadically) of my food for the last ~2.5 years, but just saving on my computer, which really doesn’t make much sense, so I’ve decided it’s time to start sharing […]