Chefs, start your fires, burners and ovens!

February 21 , 2016 by: grantcov General Discussion

I love food. I love cooking it, I love eating it — hell I even love watching it (hello Food Network addiction). I’ve been taking photos (sporadically) of my food for the last ~2.5 years, but just saving on my computer, which really doesn’t make much sense, so I’ve decided it’s time to start sharing my passion for food with others. Cooking is probably my largest creative outlet and one of my favorite stress relieving activities, so I’m incredibly excited to get this blog off the ground.

I will be intermixing posts using these old photos with my newer creations — so if a post seems out of season, I apologize. Unfortunately for much of that time I was taking photos over the last ~2.5 years, I was just downloading them to my computer and not reviewing them very much or thinking about them in terms of a blog. So sometimes I would take photos of the cooking process and other times I would not. Additionally, seeing I wasn’t reviewing the photos I don’t think my photog skills improved much. Now that I have a focus and a vision for what these photos will be used for, I’m hopeful improvement will be fast and furious :), but I hope you bear with me if some of the posts don’t have the best photos… I promise the food is delicious even if it doesn’t look it!

Anyways, enough talking — bring on the food! If you’re like me, and your belly is constantly beckoning, then you’re going to love this blog. Be sure to bookmark this page and follow on social below:



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